Getting Older

July 26, 2013

Today I was reminded of something I am reminded of everyday: the fact that getting older is part of being human (I never imagined that my knees would feel sore from arthritis). Getting older in itself is not a bad thing but there’s always a little bit of our youth hanging around. Whether we are healthy and getting older or not healthy, either way, we’re reminded of the fact that our bodies may be getting older but our minds are young at heart. 

I’m reminded of Wordsworth’s “Ode: Intimations of Immortality. In this piece he wrote that living in the world,with all of it’s adult requirements sometimes causes us to move out of something that we’re in touch with when we’re very young: which is hope and imagination. We lose this as we get older, and become indoctrinated into “adult thinking”. 

Remember when we thought anything was possible? The world was our oyster, and a shot at the Presidency was just as likely as becoming a brain surgeon, or having macaroni and cheese for lunch. We could go on a hot air balloon ride, or fly a rocket to the moon.

The possibilities were endless.

That kind of thinking is what’s required, especially when one is facing a serious illness. I don’t hope for miracles but there’s a lot to hope for. Hoping for a good day with few discomforts is pretty practical. Imagining a fantastic outing full of fun and discovery is still a possibility. Yeah, I’m getting older but my mind is child-like at heart. I can still get somewhat giddy over a dessert I may be looking forward to or a visit from a good friend.

I’m getting older but I’m alive and there’s a lot of nice things to be found in that alone.


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