It’s To Laugh

September 5, 2013

Its been a long time since I’ve blogged, so I’m way overdue. 

I was somewhat distracted by the mundane (still searching for a Calico kitten) to the serious (things in Syria are such a mess). So, I paid attention to a couple of commercials that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. For example, the commercials encouraging us to vacation in some interesting areas. I don’t think we ever thought of Czechoslovakia as a vacation spot. Now let me qualify what I’m about to say by reporting that my dad’s parents were from Russia so I have a Slavic background. But, theres something somewhat amusing about Czechoslovakia as a vacation spot. Does this mean we’ll be seeing ads for 6 Flags Prague? Or a McDonalds Big Mac with a side of borscht? 

Or how about Mexico ? I can just imagine it now “Beautiful Mexico, full of adventure. This could be the adventure of your life, maybe literally. When’s the last time you were kidnapped? Or taken hostage by a drug cartel? A vacation you’ll never forget (even after many years of therapy)” 

A good sense of humor is imperative if one has disease of any sort including MS.

There are many jokes that can be made about catheterizing (wrong hole?) or about ending up on the floor during a transfer (a close inspection of how clean the floor is). There are numerous jokes that can be made about this situation and it’s a good idea to try to see some humor in what could be a pretty sorry situation. In fact, just yesterday I became aware of some head tremors that I get every so often and I was reminded of the bobble heads in the backs of cars. 

Not so funny for some people but it takes a keen sense of hilarity to appreciate every aspect of living.