A Day in the Life

June 6, 2014

It’s been so long, since I last blogged, that it’s almost a strange experience. But at last, here I am.

So many things have been going on around me. Like planes disappearing, planes crashing and, of course, the mess in the Ukraine.

Those are things much more important than, say, mammograms which are an important part of women’s health. Having experienced breast cancer personally, I can understand a woman’s concern which might lead her to expose herself to both a humiliating & uncomfortable experience. It is not enough to be afflicted with a disease like MS but we have to try to accommodate an machine that is not really made to be used on women who are in wheelchairs, or otherwise restricted in movement. So imagine… what if men had to flatten their “nuts” between two slabs of plexiglass in order to check for cancer?? How quickly things would change??

The bruises on my forehead from the antiquated machine which dug into my head on number of times during the process are probably minor compared to other problems. But, really…

But I will try to end this on an up note. An in ten days I find out whether I have cancer again or not. With any luck everything will turn out to be OK. Then it is onward and upward toward a new future and Grandmother-hood!!