The Joy of Spunk

July 31, 2014

Now, the title of this blog is “Living with Advanced Multiple Sclerosis-reaching out from the inside.” One of the most important ways I have of reaching out is writing this blog. This is possible by getting assistance from my good friend and PCA, Brenda. Since I don’t have the use of either hand this might seem to be an impossible feat. The way it works is that I dictate what I want to say and Brenda types it in. Then she sets up the laptop so I can read it and make the appropriate changes.
There is some difficulty in expressing my anger about somethings because, lets face it, how pissed off can I sound if I can only speak in sentence fragments. Of course, It doesn’t read that way. But just imagine being really perturbed and only able to thrash about through the form of letters. There would be long pauses which would soften the blow. On the other hand it is difficult to convey my sheer joy of becoming a Grandmother. My point is that a good deal of frustration can be felt about this, but it’s eased by being able to express myself through blogging.
Besides blogging I’ll ask my PCA to help me “flip the bird” at a medical supply delivery man who can’t get the order delivery correct. Or sometimes I will ask my PCA to put one of my newest kittens on my chest next to my face- oh such furriness. I rely on the reader to ascertain my mood whether it is sweet or snarky. And sometimes it’s a combination of both because being snarky comes naturally to me.
Either way, spunkiness is a sign of life. And living, I am.