Death and Life

November 14, 2014

After much finagling, I think I’m back to blogging. And there is so much too blog about: we’ve seen ISIS being very active, Ebola in Africa, and only 30 % of the electorate voted. On the mundane level, it’s colder than a witches tit, gas prices are lower than ever and ass is in.

Now, the temptation is to focus on the negative. As an example, I know someone who goes berserk when he is behind cars that aren’t following the speed limit. Cursing and dropping the F-Bomb every five minutes is not going to make them drive any faster. But he continues to be aggravated.
I also remember one time when my PCA forgot to come in. As I languished in bed, wondering when someone would be getting me up and feeding me, my husband came. Finding me PCA-less, he wished a pox on her house.

Rather than agonize over my plight, I meditated on what I would be eating for supper, whether I should shave my armpits during the next shower and when I would get laid next.

Now it’s not to say that I always look at the lighter side of life, but I am reminded of a guy who climbed mountains who said the following: When we’re stuck in an untenable situation, imagine 3 feet all around us and realize that everything outside that zone is out of our control. Everything within that zone should be our only concern. The next step up is the only concern. I like that philosophy, as they say, tomorrow hasn’t happened and yesterday is over so live for today.

On the other side of the coin we can address the more positive developments. Maybe the most significant change is that I am a new Granny I look at the serenity and calm of their little faces and I am brought back to the most important part of life: I’m surrounded by very strong people not the least of whom is my son who is daddy to these two new little souls. My son and my daughter-in-law may not agree with my description of their twins as “peaceful”, since they are both lacking sleep. But to me , such innocence is calming.

In the spirit of the holiday I am thankful for the people around me, the ability to see these wonderful people, and my two little granddaughters who are my precious sweetie-pies.