Dignity or There’s a Certain Art in Picking Someone Else’s Nose

February 20, 2015

Well of course I don’t really get my nose picked, but I do get it wiped periodically. After all there is nothing like someone staring at “cliffhangers” while I’m discussing world affairs.
It prevents one from being taken seriously.
Further dignity issues come up when being spoken of in the third person, when I am sitting there in the room, i.e. “she took her medications on time” or “she’s in a good mood today, but boy was she bitchy yesterday.” This speaks to the issue of dignity because being spoken of as though one is a ghost is maddening.
In fact there is a book by a man who had a neurological disease and couldn’t speak. The book is called Ghost Boy. In it he writes about what it was like to be in a room with people talking all around him but not thinking that he is actually listening to what you were saying. Not only listening, but wanting to respond. In short, he felt like a ghost. But now he has a electronic contraption that allows him to convert what he is saying into a computerized voice. It gives him a sense of being able to participate. Hence, a verification of dignity.
Please consider the word “invalid” the break down of the word suggest in-valid or not just or legitimate. We are all legitimate.
So whether it’s being addressed in spite of cliffhangers, or being a party in the same room, or, for that matter, sitting over the toilet pinching a loaf, we all expect to be treated with dignity.
Anyway, onward and upward.


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