So here we are in the midst of the holidays. These are the days that family becomes our focus of interest. This is the case especially if their are children in the family. Its through our children’s eyes that the holidays become as magical as they are. A child’s wonder and their dreams of the ” impossible” become reality.

Along those lines, my trip to my neurologist provided a journey into the “impossible.” My biggest inquiry was concerning my Trigeminal nerve pain. It turns out, their are special trigeminal nerve pain centers in Boston and down at Yale. I have to get an MRI done in order for these pain centers to know whats causing the nerve issues.

Nerves are very strange, as you might know. sometimes pressure from a vein on a nerve can trigger nerve pain. Thats the possibility of Trigeminal nerve discomfort (Whoa, thats understating the issue, pain in the side of the face that can be triggered by something as light as a hair strand over the cheek and causes excrusciating,  tear’provoking, writhing, drop to your knees pain,is not discomfort. Discomfort is what we feel when we are not transfered correctly) my shoulder dislocates pretty easily thats discomfort.Sitting on a chair that cuts off the circulation in the legs is discomfort.we are talking about actual pain.

Their are many ways they have of treating this problem of nerve pain. one way is to use different medications that might work to calm the muscle around the nerves. Another way is to use a laser to “move the vein” so it reroutes the circulation around the nerve instead of pulsating next to it. some of the methods involved actual surgery and some of them involve lasers, but at least theirs some indication of relief in the future.

It was interesting to read that 40% of people with MS experience this kind of pain. So its not unusual and it explains why their are places that are completely dedicated to Trigeminal nerve problems. It makes possibilities quite real.

The look in my granddaughters eyes as they approach everything with wonder and possibility is something we lose as we mire ourselves in the “reality” of paying bills and the restrictions set upon us as we get older. We lose that wonder and excitement at new things like snowflakes falling, squeeky toys or playing peek a boo. Pain  is remedied by chewing on a cold cloth, or change of diapers.

As a former English major, I’m reminded of the poet Blake. He wrote about this wonder and imagination. Its so easy to lose touch with that. So go out and feel the wind on your face, Enjoy the taste of strawberries , and get excited about bubbles popping in front of you. Don’t forget the fun. Children remind us of these important lessons.