So it’s 2016 and it’s an interesting year already.  I’m reminded of an old Chinese curse that says “may you live in interesting times”.  It’s an election year so wackiness ensues.  We’ve seen some losses, some my own contemporaries.  Famous and talented musicians–the end of somethings and the beginning of others.  Some horrible things have been going on around us and they allow a different perspective of my little world, which consists of minor preferences, such as environment.  Some changes have been taking place.  For example my living space has been altered.

My living space has been revamped.  Specifically the rug had to be torn out and replaced with a new floor.  In the process, this created some situations that were untenable.  Tearing out the rug produced enough dust that you could plant potatoes in it.  Not a healthy work environment for my PCA’s.  Then when they were preparing the new floor, the adhesive had a dangerous smell putting my health and my workers’ health in peril.  I refused to leave my home because my environment is one of the few areas over which I have control.  My home and how it looks, my diet and the food I prefer, and the choice of cologne I wear are all I have control over.

So when the smell of the adhesive became overpowering, I found myself in the position of be “saved”.  This prompted me to fight tooth and nail from being ripped out of my home, my environment. Alas, facing the reality of being in a dangerous predicament finally won out.  But boy was I pissed.

We pretent to have control over so many things in our lives, but whether its a forced change in our environment or health problems, we are uncomfortably reminded of how little we have a say in somethings. Sometimes our response to various situations is what really matters. Led Zeppelin had a song about having two paths available. We can choose one road that leads to many other roads. Our choice is the extent of our control. In these interesting times our choices tell all.