Farther into the cavern

September 16, 2016

Its been awhile since I wrote and its been a couple of interesting month’s. for example, I spent a few days in the hospital with asperation pneumonia {not unusual for people with Ms} and I spent five days in the hospital getting very strong antibiotic for the treatment of a serious UTI {also not uncommon for people with MS} in the process of my experience my lung doctor once spoke to me and my health care proxy about the necessity of having an advance directive  . wow, this is a long way from trudging up the hill to reach a summit.

One could think of an advance directive {which everyone should have} as an instruction for the people who know and love you to follow your wishes as to how you want the end of your life handled. So its exactly what it sounds like. After all the issues similar to what happened in the terry schiavo case among others. It became clear that the people around us should know how we want things handled at the end of life. Its a disturbing thought but a decision that one should share with loved ones before anything might happen.This is getting depressing so Ill move on to the next downer.

A UTI is something that people with MS among others is always a possibility. For some reason UTI (urinary tract infection) are a quite common in people with MS, maybe because the immune system is compromised so infections aren’t unusual. If  one drinks alot of water and keeps the bladder empty the incident is not as likely. their was a time back in the middle of last century that UTI were cause of death for people with MS. They had come along way with antibiotics since then. The problem is, sometimes a very strong antibiotic (which can only be administered in a hospital) is required. In my case it was a five day process which means I was required to be in a hospital and that brings me to the next topic: staying in a hospital for any length of time.

Have you ever noticed that hospitals don’t have showers?to be sure, hospitals arent’ment to be rehabilitation institutes.As an individual who is very concerned about hygeine, this is an issue. After two days I was beside myself with a feeling of being “dirty”. I used the hair cap to get my hair shampooed. But theirs nothing like an all over hosing down. I really missed that and it prompted to want to get out as soon as possible.

All these things contribute to an avoidance of a stay in the hospital. UTI, Pneumonia, or anything else serves as a reminder that its a good idea for anyone to share wishes with their health care proxy. Its all disturbing but necessary and its a good idea to address these subjects with all close ones. It certainly interfers with common activities like writing blogs but its part of life and should be addressed.