So, after a woefully long time since my last entry I find myself needing to write about something that is not a pleasant subject. This involves a matter that is not only unpleasant but, in many ways questionable. We have a problem with opioid addiction. There are some drugs that are worse than others to be addicted to such as herion or crack but, opoids have their own addictive qualities. 

Opoids are generally used to lessen the problem of pain. Living with pain is not unusual for someone with MS. I’ve addressed the problem of trigeminal neurology issues. There are many invasive procedures like cutting the nerve between part of the jaw and lower mouth nerves which can likely cause an inability to use the muscles used to smile for example. It’s quite a price to pay for relief so the choice of using opioids seems more powerful.

The problem with opioids is that usually a person builds up a resistance to the drug so one drug is replaced by another of the same type. So if I develop a resistance to oxycodone I might be switched to hydrocodone or maybe Percocet it’s a problem that requires one drug being replaced by another of the same type. The worst part of all of this is that I could spend the rest of my life jumping from one opioid to another. There isn’t much likelihood of ever being able to stop the use.

The problem of jumping from one drug to another is a sad development and usually is the first option. So my promise to all of you is that I will keep you informed of my progress which is the hope to continue with my more positive developments.